Workshops for:

Young Adults
Young Adult Ministers [existing]
Young Adult Ministers [expectant/new]
Clergy + Church Leadership
General Lay Leadership
General Lay Community Members

Workshops about:

Mind/Body + Contemplative Dimension

Creative Arts: Music, Art, Dance [including flash mobs]

Sacred Wounds & Healing

Fresh Expressions/Third Places

Interfaith, Ecumenical, & Intra-Parish Partnerships

Special Populations: Multicultural Communities, Military + Veterans

Gender + Sexuality + Sexual Orientation

Justice + Activism + Mission Work

Young Adult 101: Finances, Leadership, Demographics, Etc

General Worship + Faith Practices

Micro-Church Communities + Brew Pub Theology

Campus Ministry

Transitions + Life Stages: Youth to Young Adult, College to Work, Marriage, Children, etc.


New/Social Media + Bloggin'

Spiritual Anthropology: Origins, Community, Tribalism